Olive Trees

The 1270 olive trees in Fattoria Barberinuzzo, Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio, and Pendolino, offer a perfumed and intense oil. For each of the 5 acres of olive groves, there is a long process of healing.
Our olive trees, tall and leafy, are pruned and fertilized so that they can ensure healthy fruit. Everything is done with the utmost respect for nature, toward which we strive to be the least invasive as possible.

It is a difficult job where you never stop learning and were you must constantly seek the right balance between tradition and innovation.

Of course in addition to treatment, they need sun and rain, and the location on the southwestern slope of the hill gives them the right exposure to the sun. The woods surround the grove, favoring a slower evaporation of the soil.

The olive trees seem strong and indestructible, but they can not be abandoned because they become ill and suffer like any living creature. The Olive trees for us are not only “producers” of good oil, but also witnesses of the history of our farm and he image of our commitment.