About Us

Fattoria Barberinuzzo, located on the Chianti hills, was founded in 1965 by my Grandfather Giuseppe Pasquinucci, who turned this dry land into gorgeous vineyards and olive trees.

ANNA CHIARA GIAMBELLI: Born in Milan, Tuscany in the heart, since childhood I dreamt to live among these trees. However, as often happens, life took me away and Barberinuzzo was only the quiet summer retreat.

When in 2008 my brothers and I had to decide the future of the farm, I thought that the time had come to make the dream of the little girl come true. Would it be possible? In those years we lived in Barcelona and moving two teenagers and two young kids from the city to the countryside looked like a crazy project. But sometimes the wildest dreams can become a reality! In August 2010 we moved to Tuscany.

Today I dedicate myself to the production of oil and honey, with the same enthusiasm and passion as my grandfather, I manage the holiday house and I organize nice trekking and children activities with my three little donkeys.

Fattoria Barberinuzzo has embarked on the path to certification of compliance with organic farming standards. The journey started in July 2012 and was finalized in May 2016. Check here the cretification issued so far.